NetSuite:The Answer To All Manufacturing Challenges!

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Oct 9,2023
NetSuite:The Answer To All Manufacturing Challenges!

NetSuite ERP offers complete manufacturing solutions to assist firms manage their complicated processes and operations.

What does it take to maintain competition in the industrial sector, which is undergoing constant change? There may not be a single solution, but one thing is certain: without the proper equipment and management, it will be difficult for businesses to keep up. Leading manufacturers are choosing NetSuite's manufacturing ERP as their go-to solution to manage their entire business as a result.

Digital technologies are seen by 82% of manufacturers as having the capacity to profoundly alter how we conduct business.

Manufacturers have been collecting a large amount of data for a long time, but it has not been used effectively or connected to the traditional ERP systems. ERP systems are commonly used for making business decisions, but they have not been able to access the data from sensors or other external sources. However, in today's digital world, it is possible to connect devices, business processes, and data to make quicker and more informed decisions.

Whether you are making day to day tactical decisions on the shop floor, or strategic decisions on the top floor, organizations need ERP manufacturing software to stay one step ahead of the competition, especially in the production industry.

Why Do Manufacturers Need NetSuite ERP?

Whether a business is a 50-year-old discrete manufacturer still using the same on-premise ERP system from the 1990s or a high-tech manufacturing startup that is quickly outgrowing QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets, it doesn't matter. Despite their outward differences, these manufacturers actually operate in the same commercial environment and deal with the same contemporary business issues.

No matter how big or young their business, manufacturers who want to succeed need an ERP software system that can keep up, is scalable, and can handle problems.

NetSuite for Manufacturing can help with that. Since NetSuite bases its business strategy on five pillars to meet the difficulties all modern businesses confront, the company has thousands of manufacturers within its customer base, spanning the size and age spectrum.

Among these pillars are NetSuite's:

  • Credible Platform
  • Industry specific capabilities
  • Universal functionality
  • Customer experience as a priority
  • Flexibility to meet intricate business requirements

NetSuite's manufacturing software advantages

The ERP manufacturing software from NetSuite is primarily made for contemporary businesses. Because of this and years of industry best practices, NetSuite has become a trusted advisor and the product of choice for manufacturers seeking an ERP system. Let's investigate how NetSuite fulfills the requirements of a manufacturer going through the ERP selection process based on these pillars.

It is crucial that manufacturers have the manufacturing-specific functionality to boost efficiency, improve utilization, and lower errors, regardless of whether they are in their first round of seed funding or their 50th year of operation. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of ERP, NetSuite has created functionality that is specialized to the manufacturing sector. The entire manufacturing process flow is managed by NetSuite, including order collection, inventory management, shipment, billing, and support. It supports bar coding, numerous measuring techniques, assembly management needs, bill of materials management, work order administration, and inventory for multiple locations.

The Advanced Manufacturing Software from NetSuite is comprehensive

Additionally, to its main features, NetSuite ERP has an Advanced Manufacturing version to address even more complicated manufacturing needs, such as:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Advanced Routings
  • Capacity Planning
  • Required Resources Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Batch Control
  • Formula Management
  • Release Management
  • Dynamic Reporting

Although the functionality of ERP manufacturing software is essential, it makes sense that many organizations are worried about the agile implementation process. With decades of experience implementing ERP systems, NetSuite has created manufacturing-focused "stairways" that guide firms through a stepwise adoption process of functionality, enabling the implementation of NetSuite's manufacturing capabilities at a comfortable pace.

The NetSuite ERP is Long-Lasting

Of course, businesses looking at their options for ERP manufacturing software also want a solution that will stand the test of time and be scalable as they expand. It's not simple to replace a company's systems, no matter how big or little, which is why the solution's dependability and durability are crucial. The last thing a company wants is to choose an ERP only to have to carry out more challenging upgrades or perhaps seek out another ERP consultant.

NetSuite ERP has always prioritized improving its performance for both startups and large enterprises. This, along with its customizable cloud-based structure, makes NetSuite the preferred choice for manufacturing companies looking for a reliable system with the latest updates and features.

It is extremely flexible, has a big ecosystem of partners with built-for-NetSuite services, and can manage a wide range of company needs—from small businesses with a few people to enormous multinational organizations.

Significantly Better Customer Experience with ERP Systems

The customer experience becomes more important as manufacturers increasingly engage in B2B and B2C trade. There are more consumer touch points than ever before in the current business sector. Whether interacting online, over the phone, on a mobile device, or in another way, customers demand consistent experiences.

Modern manufacturers require the ability to efficiently and seamlessly connect with their stakeholders and consumers, which is one of the primary benefits of the NetSuite ERP commerce solution.

The Suite Commerce engine from NetSuite

  • Enables the development of B2B and B2C portals, which speed up order processing and raise client satisfaction.
  • Automates the transfer of orders to back-office fulfillment procedures, streamlining the order administration process.
  • Dynamic price lists that take into account purchase quantities are automatically created.
  • Supports the generation of coupons or discounts on products, allows the exclusion of other products from discounts, and automatically generates upsell suggestions.
  • Accepts real-time payments in a variety of currencies and credit cards, and it supports the Google Checkout and PayPal checkout options.

In the face of rapid change, organizations must be able to quickly pivot and iterate on their business model, and they require an ERP solution that can adapt to that model.

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