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What is NetSuite Rescue & Recovery Service?

Executing successful NetSuite rescues is a delicate balance between troubleshooting immediate problems and ensuring long-term recovery. By understanding in-depth your business, processes, goals, and needs, we apply our years of NetSuite experience to salvage sinking implementations and troubled NetSuite projects.


What Goes Into NetSuite Rescue Service?

NetSuite Rescue Services are usually needed when an implementation goes south and all hands are required on the deck to carve a way out of the mess. Recovering a failing NetSuite project requires dedicated specialists to pitch in. Here are some key factors to consider.

Failed Implementation
Failed Implementation

Any NetSuite Implementation that fails to fulfill the project scope, encounters massive delays, or is simply unable to meet your key needs.

Post-Go-Live Issues
Post-Go-Live Issues

Recurrent software failure post-go-live is a clear sign of an implementation gone wrong. Only a competent rescue team can save the day.

Lost Time and Money
Lost Time and Money

Cost overruns and project delays spinning out of control are implementation nightmares. Hiring an experienced rescue team is the way to go.

Process Inefficiencies
Process Inefficiencies

NetSuite promises efficiency. But if one or more of your processes have become more inefficient with NetSuite, then it’s time to get help.

Poor User Experience
Poor User Experience

An ERP software is not successful until its users are satisfied. If your users are frustrated, the implementation needs proper rescuing.

Point of No Return
Point of No Return

Sometimes it can seem like there is no turning back from a failed implementation. But with the right rescue team, there might be hope.

Do I need a NetSuite rescue?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes…” don’t wait. It’s time to make a
change. So you can start winning on NetSuite.

Implementation Recovery

Implementation Recovery

Start getting your NetSuite implementation back on track today!

OpenTeQ has a proven record of rescuing even the most challenging NetSuite implementations. Schedule a call with one of our NetSuite recovery experts today to end your implementation nightmare.

Partner with OpenTeQ to recover your failed NetSuite implementation

A failed implementation can have many adverse effects, such as losing significant investments, both time and money. OpenTeQ is a trusted NetSuite partner with a team of experienced software engineers, change management experts, and implementation engineers who can step in at any stage of a failing ERP or CRM project to perform recovery.

We understand the complexities of implementing a new system and have crafted a successful rescue and recovery methodology that addresses key issues ranging from stakeholder expectations to user challenges during daily operations. Our team of U.S.-based consultants and developers will work with your team to understand the goals and objectives of the implementation, evaluate the current state of the project, and craft a detailed plan to rescue the implementation. With OpenTeQ as your partner, you can rest assured that your NetSuite implementation is in good hands.

Discovery of current processes

Discovery of current processes and challenges

Our team at OpenTeQ will spend time with your organization to better understand your daily challenges and unique requirements for your NetSuite solution. Then, we will dig into the reasons behind your failed or failing NetSuite implementation.

Rescue and recovery

Rescue and recovery methodology you can rely on

OpenTeQ has a proven rescue and recovery methodology combined with extensive experience in saving failed implementation projects. We will leverage our decades of experience with NetSuite technologies and diverse industries to ensure we successfully recover your project.

Full life cycle support

Full life cycle support customized to your needs

In addition to rescue and recovery services, OpenTeQ is a trusted support partner for all your NetSuite needs. We offer flexible, comprehensive support plans to ensure your solution functions optimally and provides value to your organization.


Key Steps in Our NetSuite Rescue Service

With years of NetSuite experience under our belt, we have encountered a wide range of implementation challenges. We have solved over 10,000 NetSuite problems to date and have helped our clients recover extremely challenging projects. Here’s how we go about it.


Business overview including processes and key ERP needs.

Identify Issues

Diagnose the key problems in your Implementation.


Categorize each of the issues as a top, medium, or low priority.

Road Map

Create a clear plan of action to resolve issues priority-wise.

Issue Resolution

Start fixing action items in a timely and systematic manner.


Evaluation of the rescue progress based on the road map.

Periodic Checks

Regular status monitoring until the system is restored.

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