NetSuite Implementation: Your Comprehensive Guide

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP software that offers a unified solution for managing various business processes, from financials to customer relationship management.


NetSuite Implementation Method

The OpenteQ implementation process is seamless, with dedicated project teams able to quickly tackle complex business problems and ensure that no important elements fall through the cracks during the process. Our typical NetSuite implementation takes 10–12 weeks from the start of our requirements to a successful go-live.

We only accept a limited number of NetSuite implementations every year so that you get the post-go-live support attention you need to stay successful and help with your business’s adoption of the new ERP. That's the type of support you get... dedicated, responsive, and eager to get the work done!

NetSuite Implementation Process

Discovery & Data Preparation

Our team will spend some time with you helping you determine which NetSuite products are necessary for your industry and business. It might be worth it to utilize a custom solution rather than a module! If that is the case, you might save yourself thousands of dollars annually by avoiding an unnecessary licensing fee. This first step is where you will get a highly detailed estimate of your ERP implementation plan. You can count on our estimates to be incredibly detailed to the hour. Once we have determined the "what" of your NetSuite Implementation, we can iron out the "how".

Personalization + Development

We will kick off the NetSuite implementation by pulling all the decision-makers in a single session. There are always things needed by your team. We will do the heavy lifting by guiding you through strategic decisions based on our experience in your industry. In this step, our project managers help iron out final details within the implementation process, finalizing the "how" of your implementation.

Quality Assurance

This is the fun part, where our developers get to put your unique NetSuite implementation plan into action. We are going to dive into the configuration of every NetSuite module while automating data using workflows and SuiteScript to keep your employees working on the projects that keep your business profitable. A successful data migration is key during this step of the implementation process. During this phase, you will see the look of the forms, the look of the templates used for invoicing or other customer-facing documents, and will begin to see the entire product take shape.

User Enablement/Training

This is a vital stage for every NetSuite implementation. During this phase, every person that will be utilizing NetSuite for their job will have the opportunity to test out the process while giving input on areas that work to make it more effective for their day-to-day lives. This feedback is essential to your employee buy-in of the finished product. We take this feedback to implement any automation that would make their lives easier or place them on the roadmap if it is not necessary for your Go-Live. This stage is the perfect opportunity for our NetSuite consultants to train your employees on how to utilize NetSuite.

Cutover & Go Live

Finally, our team will test the heck out of the product to ensure that there is no stone left unturned.

Post Go Live Support

On the designated date, we turn the switch and your company is live on NetSuite. In this part of the project, our team of NetSuite consultants is often on-site with you to help any employees that are having a difficult time understanding what to do.

OpenTeQ’s Agile Methodology in NetSuite Implementation

OpenTeQ has successfully adapted the Agile methodology in its NetSuite Implementation. The company has successfully deployed NetSuite to over a hundred different clients from different businesses and industries sector with varying degrees of customization according to their specific requirements and demands. The Agile Methodology allows for greater collaboration between OpenTeQ’s Agile team of NetSuite Implementation Consultants and the Product Owners. The improved interaction allows for greater adaptability through immediate feedback between Sprints and subsequent improvement derived from the Agile Meetings.

OpenTeQ’s implements NetSuite ERP through 8 sprints that typically last 2 to 4 weeks per sprint depending on client demands and specification. The first sprint focuses on the consultation of the client or business owner to identify existing business processes, business requirements, and specification. The first sprint is crucial in determining the critical points during NetSuite Implementation.

The second sprint involves the actual migration to NetSuite. The Agile team then helps the future users of the NetSuite ERP to adapt to the new environment by creating user-accounts and setting up user status and account hierarchy in NetSuite. The Sprint 3 and Sprint 4 setups the processes that are to be automated and setting up products that are included in the inventory. The step also includes the integration of vendors and suppliers in the supply chain. Sprint 5 focuses on the automation of business processes like General Account and Budgeting. Sprint 6 and 7 focuses on order to cash and sprint 8 focuses on data migration to NetSuite.

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