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What Is Data Migration?

ERP data migration is the process of transferring data from its original sources to the ERP system’s database. It often involves moving data from a variety of different systems, formats and storage types into a single, common structure.

Before the adoption of ERP, some departments may use systems designed to support only their specific functions, such as standalone accounting or human resources applications, while other groups may rely on general-purpose tools such as spreadsheets. To ensure a successful data migration, businesses need to take a methodical approach, which typically includes inspecting, extracting, cleansing and transforming the data from each of these applications before importing it into the database.

What We

We provide a comprehensive data migration service to help enterprises migrate the entire data from their legacy software solutions to the NetSuite platform. Make the most out of the NetSuite platform with streamlined data migration.

Varied Migration
Varied Migration

At OpenTeQ, we allow the migration of data from all legacy software solutions including existing CRM, ERP, Supply Chain, Financial and Accounting, management and administration, and other software.

Seamless Migration
Seamless Migration

Our data migration to NetSuite platform from all existing legacy software offers a seamless and streamlined experience with no interference caused to the business processes.

Reliable Data Transfer
Reliable Data Transfer

While transferring the data from legacy systems to the NetSuite platform we formulate and prepare data in a secure and reliable way to stay clear of any risks of data loss.

Optimized Migration
Optimized Migration

With experience in data migration for different industries we ensure migrating data from legacy systems to NetSuite by strictly addressing the business-specific constraints and needs.

NetSuite Migration Services

Move to NetSuite and Improve With Confidence

End-to-End Migrations
End-to-End Migrations

We offer comprehensive end-to-end migration services catering to the needs of data transfer from different legacy software to the NetSuite platform.

File-to-System Migrations
File-to-System Migrations

We offer easy and streamlined file to system migration to help data transfer by using different system optimised formats and tools.


We offer expert advisory services to help you jumpstart data transfer from the legacy software to the NetSuite platform with ease.

Easy Field Mapping
Easy Field Mapping

OpenTeQ helps you with comprehensive field mapping to have a seamless transfer between the source legacy application and destination NetSuite platform.

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Embrace the cloud to boost and accelerate your business stratergy. The Netsuite migration experts at OpenTeQ help you to start,scale and adapt in a changing market.

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Having earned a reputation as the leading NetSuite implementation and migration service with a global footprint, NetSuite allows data migration that perfectly addresses business-specific requirements as per the existing legacy software systems in use.

At OpenTeQ, we create a comprehensive data migration plan based upon the existing legacy software systems in use and the industry-specific data formats, NetSuite data migration tools, and data transfer needs that need to be addressed. We focus on execution as per the business-specific constraints and needs. Let’s take your business to a place where automation thrives and flexibility rules with our NetSuite cloud migration services. Together we can plan to stay ahead of the curve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite ERP data migration means moving data from older software systems and original sources into the NetSuite ERP system. It often includes transferring data from different systems, data formats, and storage methods into one unified NetSuite ERP system.

OpenTeQ guarantees a seamless NetSuite migration with meticulous planning and expert execution, ensuring data integrity process throughout.

Data migration is pivotal in ERP implementation as it ensures a smooth transition of essential information, enabling effective business operations.

NetSuite migration can present challenges like data accuracy and downtime risks, which require careful planning and execution to mitigate.

The cost of NetSuite migration varies based on complexity and customization, requiring a tailored approach to meet specific business needs.

Choose OpenTeQ for your NetSuite migration because of our expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering a seamless transition for your business.