Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model


Global IT Solutions for Any Client

International reach with a local touch

As an OpenTeQ Technologies client, you will have access to all the benefits of OpenTeQ’s Global Delivery Model. This model sources local solutions and incorporates them into a global network with the strength to deliver results for any client, regardless of the scope of need. OpenTeQ’s standard operating protocols, scalable approach, flexibility, specialized technology skills, proximity to clients, cost advantages, time-zone advantages and economies of scale provide you with seamless support regardless of your location.

The benefits of OpenTeQ’s Global Delivery Model:

  • Highly scalable and flexible resources
  • Quick response to changing client demands
  • Cost-effective solutions delivered through a global operating model
  • Offers 24*7 resources convenience
  • Flexible delivery model that allows access to expertise and knowledgeable team
  • OpenTeQ Global Delivery Model ensures consistent delivery through mature processes, global standards, world-class development centers, and capacity to scale
  • Increased transparency and visibility with no communication gap

Delivery Models

OpenTeQ’s client offerings are designed to suit your needs and preferences, whatever they might be, and no matter where you are located. Read more to learn about our options.

Onsite Model: This model provides you onsite support from OpenTeQ’s consultants, at your business location. Optimized for customized solutions, provides you with the highest level of control and feedback throughout the development process of all the service options. OpenTeQ’s staff will work closely with you and your team to assist in building out designs/specs, writing code, testing programs, and final execution. This is the most flexible and customized offering, allowing you to start executing your goals without even needing clearly defined project parameters ahead of time. OpenTeQ consultants will help you build everything in your project, from the ground up.

  • Face-to-face Interaction with business
  • No communication gaps
  • Requirements not being defined at length

Offsite Model: The Offsite Model provides you with localized support at a lower cost than the Onsite Model. All services will be provided from an OpenTeQ office in your vicinity. This gives you the same customizability and personalized attention as the Onsite Model because OpenTeQ’s staff will not only be in your time zone but also be readily available for in-person meetings, if necessary. And although development activities will be occurring offsite from your offices, you will still be kept in the loop with regular updates and you will still have full control over your project parameters.

  • Access to developers in same time zone at a reduced cost
  • Direct interaction with client stakeholders
  • Better coordination between the client’s team and service provider’s team
  • Responsiveness to changes in client’s need is faster
  • Constant availability of support
  • Travel ready professionals who can come into client’s offices whenever required for face-to-face interactions

Offshore Model: The Offshore Model is a cost-effective option if you want to get results at a lower cost than OpenTeQ’s more localized service offerings. All development work will be done remotely, from one of OpenTeQ’s multiple global development centers. This global approach will allow you faster development times due to the ability to overlap time zones, potentially allowing for 24-hour work cycles. It can also provide cost benefits due to varying labor and currency exchange rates. This option is infinitely scalable to your needs.

  • 24/7 turnaround of development efforts
  • Readily available, experienced resources
  • A skilled sub-team to complement your own onshore/onsite teams
  • Potential for near round-the-clock capability to reduce cycle times
  • Capable of handling long duration and large projects
  • Time-to-market with right cost
  • Project maintenance
  • Established business processes

Hybrid Model: The Hybrid Model provides all the benefits of the other options, giving you the flexibility to fit your needs a la carte. With the Hybrid Model, you can gain the personalized benefits of the Onsite and Offshore Models, while also realizing the efficiencies and cost savings of the Offshore Model.

You can define your project parameters and build a design with OpenTeQ’s consultants in the comfort and familiarity of your own office, with full assurance that they understand your goals and how you want to reach them. Then, you can accelerate your development cycle using the round-the-clock advantages of the Remote Model, shortening your time to market while maintaining cost-effectiveness. And at every step of the process, you can be confident that your OpenTeQ team is coordinating to ensure the best possible result for you.

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