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Whether you’re a medium sized enterprise requiring a complete solution, or a smaller company needing only a scaled back solution, we can help shape the right solution. From purchasing a NetSuite license, fully customising the platform and helping you understand the various price options available, we ensure your NetSuite solution is right fit for your business.

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Not only are we able to provide guidance on licensing and pricing across the NetSuite product family, we can help tailor optimised, cost-effective solutions that include third party addons and products, integrations, and our in-house developed apps. Backed by transparent licensing breakdowns and a predictable pricing structure, we ensure your solution comes without limitations.

NetSuite pricing is tailored to each customer and their business needs

NetSuite offers a unique modular approach to subscription licensing for customers by providing product configuration options designed to fit your business needs. NetSuite pricing is designed to scale as companies grow, which means that you only pay for what you need today but have the ability to add as your company expands.

NetSuite pricing consists of four components — 1) a base package, 2) user licenses, 3) add-on modules, and 4) a service tier.

All NetSuite customers have a base package and a number of user licenses, then can choose to add on more modules or upgrade their service tier from the standard level to add more horsepower.

NetSuite has two main base packages—enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).

NetSuite ERP offers industry specific editions called SuiteSuccess, which takes the place of the generic base product and includes pre-defined roles, dedicated process flows and KPIs, turnkey setup, and hundreds of prebuilt reports and dashboards based on leading practices in your specific industry. SuiteSuccess helps your organization get up and running faster and helps minimize customized functionality and reporting.

In addition to the base package, you must purchase a license for each user. There are two different types of user licenses: self-service user and full user.

Self-service licenses are for those who need only limited access to NetSuite, such as entering time and expenses or accessing an intranet for HR policies.

Any user that needs more functionality than what the self-service license offers needs a full user license. This is the standard NetSuite license that most users have. You can add additional users at any time during your subscription. Rand Group recommends to start with only the user licenses that you require at the time of purchase, then add users as needed.

To meet specific business requirements, there are a number of add-on modules that can be added to your NetSuite subscription. Working with Rand Group to understand your business requirements, you can add these modules at any time during your subscription term. If you need to remove a module you no longer need, this can be done at the time of your contract renewal. This ensures that you only pay for the functionality you need when you need it. Many SuiteSuccess editions designed for specific industries already have applicable add-on modules included, in which case it would not be necessary to pay additional for those add-ons.

NetSuite offers different levels of service tiers based on user count, file storage, monthly transactions, and integration needs. The Standard Service Tier is included in all base editions of NetSuite at no additional charge. The vast majority of NetSuite customers are on the Standard Service tier and only the largest NetSuite deployments require a Premium or above service tier.



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We, as a NetSuite Reseller, possess vital industry experience & offer NetSuite License Types with tailored NetSuite Solutions helping businesses to win over specific pain points.


Being Oracle NetSuite Partners, we ensure superior cloud-based strategic services for the business to stay ahead in the race of a competitive digital world.


Our dedicated expert team incorporates a wealth of best practices in full-cycle ERP implementation that expedite optimum business performance & the business ROI.

Why work with a NetSuite Solution Provider?

NetSuite Solution Providers, approved resellers of NetSuite software, can deliver continuity of service from evaluation, to purchase and implementation, through to post-go-live NetSuite support.

Oracle | NetSuite Solution Providers have direct access to NetSuite resources and will work with you to identify the best fitting solution and negotiate the most affordable NetSuite pricing available

Some partners have specific industry or end-user experience, so prospective NetSuite ERP & SuiteCommerce customers should keep this in mind when searching for a NetSuite partner.

Other partners with newer NetSuite practices added a NetSuite line of business to help supplement existing Sage, Microsoft, or QuickBooks consultancies. This conflict of interest is challenging for prospective NetSuite ERP customers and is the primary reason why the OpenTeQ concentrates solely on NetSuite ERP. As Veterans of NetSuite, the OpenTeQ team has years of combined expertise and experience with NetSuite.

NetSuite Solution Provider

OpenTeQ Provides NetSuite Sales & Licensing

As a certified NetSuite Solution Provider, OpenTeQ is an authorized NetSuite sales partner. Not only can we provide NetSuite licensing, but our team of certified NetSuite consultants can tailor NetSuite to your exact specifications so your business can hit the ground running on the world’s leading cloud-ERP.

If you’re migrating from another ERP or accounting software, our experts can safely and efficiently migrate your legacy data from the old system to NetSuite.

Our team consists of certified NetSuite consultants and CPAs who not only understand the platform, but have a deep understanding of data migration strategies, system architecture, finance, and accounting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of NetSuite licenses required will be determined by your specific business needs and the number of people who will utilize the system. We can assist you in assessing business requirements and recommending the proper number of licenses to ensure optimal utilization and compliance with NetSuite licensing policy.

Your NetSuite ERP deployment "go-live" date may vary depending on the complexity of your business. NetSuite ERP implementations typically take 90-120 days.A thorough inspection and discovery process can assist you in developing an accurate timetable and save you time and money on costly "add-ons," modifications, and hidden expenditures. We give exceptional experience and bespoke solutions as a top NetSuite partner to equip your organization with the full potential of the premier cloud-based ERP platform.

Choosing the incorrect ERP system can be a costly error. Every corporation should gather ERP needs to select the finest solution for their business. The correct NetSuite ERP cloud deployment restores order to cash by integrating and automating disparate business operations, resulting in increased productivity and business agility.

NetSuite User Types include Employee, Vendor, Partner, and Customer. Each user type has varied levels of NetSuite access and functionality based on their role. For even more flexibility, user types can be customized.

To maintain your project on schedule and on budget, OpenTeQ will give you, with a senior business consultant, project manager, technical consultants, a clear plan, and a deadline. Because your NetSuite ERP system is the foundation of your organization, it is critical to thoroughly map your business requirements and resources. OpenTeQ will collaborate with you to guarantee that the project is a success in your end.

Moving data from one source to another, or from your legacy system to NetSuite ERP, is referred to as data migration. Because of the timing constraints, data migration is one of the most difficult aspects of any ERP project. If the team does not follow change management protocols, the go-live schedule may be altered. Migrations contain several data formats and structures and necessitate meticulous cleansing of data to avoid failed data transfers.

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