Revision Management

NetSuite Revision Management Solutions

OpenTeQ Custom module to manage revisions to inventory items.


What is Revision Management?

OpenTeQ offers comprehensive revision management module with capabilities that enable organizations to effectively manage and control the revisions to product data, BOMs, and manufacturing processes, ensuring product quality, compliance, and traceability.

Revision Management module

Functionality and Automations Included in Scope:

  1. Manage and control the actual revisions in your inventory
  2. Supports serial / LOT Numbers:
    • Manage Revisions for Inventory items
    • Manage Revisions for Assembly items
  3. Update revision number based on the following transactions:
    • Receiving transaction
    • Assembly Build / Work order completion
    • Inventory adjustment record
  4. Manage Item revision on PO and PO print
  5. Update revisions using CSV update
  6. Supports update of large number of Serial / LOT number (above 3,000). Runs in the background (after save) and not affecting system performance.

OpenTeQ’s Revision Management Module Highlights

Product Data
Product Data Management (PDM)

Within NetSuite's PDM functionality, users can manage revisions for various types of items, including raw materials, components, assemblies, and finished goods. Each item can have multiple revisions, allowing users to track changes over time.

Revision Tracking
Revision Tracking

NetSuite tracks revisions by assigning unique revision numbers or letters to each version of an item. Users can easily identify the current revision of an item and view the revision history to see all previous versions and the associated changes.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

NetSuite allows users to create and maintain BOMs for assemblies and subassemblies. When revisions occur, users can update the BOMs accordingly to reflect changes in component parts or quantities.

Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)

NetSuite supports the management of engineering change orders, which are used to initiate and track revisions to items and BOMs. ECOs provide a formal process for requesting, approving, and implementing changes, ensuring proper documentation and control over revisions.

Workflow Automation

NetSuite's workflow engine enables users to automate revision management processes, such as routing ECOs for review and approval by designated stakeholders. Workflows can be customized to match an organization's specific revision control procedures.

Impact Analysis
Impact Analysis

NetSuite allows users to perform impact analysis to assess the potential effects of proposed revisions on related items, BOMs, and production processes. This helps organizations evaluate the implications of changes before implementing them.

Integration with Manufacturing Processes

NetSuite integrates revision management with other manufacturing processes, such as production planning, work order management, and quality control. This ensures that revisions are seamlessly incorporated into manufacturing operations without disruptions.

Auditing and Compliance

NetSuite provides audit trails and version control features to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Users can track all changes made to items and BOMs, including the date, time, and user responsible for each revision.

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