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Bulk Upload

Allow non-stop data communication
between DPD & NetSuite.


Bulk Upload Module

The Bulk Upload module bypass NetSuite limitation and allows the user to upload large numbers of data. This feature streamlines the process of importing sales orders and line items, significantly enhancing efficiency, and saving time for businesses.

Bulk upload module can support following transactions -
  • Item Receipts (Created from PO)
  • Item Fulfilled (Created from SO or TO)
  • Work Order – Update SN/LOT for component.
  • Assembly build – Update SN/LOT for completed item.
  • Work order issue components.
  • Work order completion.
  • Work order completion with backflush.
  • Update special field (custom fields added to inventory details table)
Bulk Upload Module

Advantages of OpenTeQ’s Bulk Upload module

Bulk uploading sales orders with line items in NetSuite offers several benefits and efficiencies for businesses, making it a valuable tool to utilize.

  • Saves Time and Effort: Uploading multiple sales orders at once eliminates the need for manual entry, saving valuable time and reducing errors.
  • Streamlined process: Utilizing bulk upload ensures a seamless and standardized process for creating sales orders, promoting consistency and efficiency.
  • Increased accuracy: With the ability to upload large volumes of sales orders, the chances of errors are minimized compared to manual data entry.
  • Improved productivity: By automating the sales order creation process, employees can focus on other important tasks, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Allows for Better Data Management: By taking advantage of bulk upload for sales orders, businesses can optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve greater accuracy in their sales order management process.

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