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Oracle NetSuite Quick Launch

NetSuite QuickLaunch is a rapid implementation methodology designed to accelerate the deployment of the NetSuite's cloud-based ERP solution for businesses. By harnessing industry-leading best practices and a preconfigured solution, QuickLaunch aims to expedite the process, ensuring companies can go live on NetSuite within a short timeframe, often as quickly as 90 days.

Key features of NetSuite QuickLaunch includes:
  • Preconfigured Solutions: QuickLaunch leverages preconfigured templates and best practices tailored to various industries and business needs, reducing the need for extensive customization.
  • Accelerated Timeline: The methodology is structured to expedite the implementation process, aiming to get businesses up and running on NetSuite within a shorter timeframe, often as quickly as 90 days.
  • Standardized Processes: QuickLaunch utilizes standardized implementation processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency across different deployments.
  • Expert Guidance: Businesses undergoing QuickLaunch benefit from the guidance of experienced NetSuite implementation specialists who provide support and expertise throughout the process.
  • Training and Support: QuickLaunch typically includes training sessions and ongoing support to help users become proficient with the NetSuite system and address any challenges that may arise post-implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OpenTeQ provides NetSuite Staffing Services including NetSuite Functional Consultants, NetSuite Technical Consultants. With our bench strength of NetSuite staff – we are ready to meet your NetSuite staffing needs at a short notice. Our team can help your organization in fulfilling your short- and long-term NetSuite resource needs.

OpenTeQ can provide NetSuite resources performing the following roles:

  • NetSuite Functional Consultants
  • NetSuite Technical Consultants
  • NetSuite Administrators
  • NetSuite Implementation Consultants
  • NetSuite Customization Consultants
  • NetSuite Integration Developers
  • NetSuite Migration Experts
  • SuiteApp Developers

OpenTeQ provides NetSuite functional and technical resources with no long-term commitments. Whether you have a short term need or are looking for resources for longer-term like 6 months or more – you can trust us to deliver.