15 Questions to Ask NetSuite Implementation Consultant!

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Oct 6,2023
15 Questions to Ask NetSuite Implementation Consultant!

When hiring a NetSuite implementation consultant, it's essential to ask the right questions to ensure you're making an informed decision.

When hiring a NetSuite implementation consultant, it's essential to ask the right questions to ensure you're making an informed decision.

Here are 15 questions you can ask


1.How many years have you been working with NetSuite?

2. Can you provide us with references from projects where you implemented NetSuite?

3.Are you certified in NetSuite? If so which certifications, do you hold?

Scope and Planning:

4. Can you assist us in evaluating our business needs and developing an implementation plan?

5. What is your approach to project management throughout the implementation process?

Customization and Integration:

6. How do you handle customization requests within the NetSuite system?

7. What is your experience with integrating NetSuite with systems like CRM or e commerce platforms?

Data Migration:

8. How do you ensure a transition of our existing data into the NetSuite platform?

9. What data cleansing and validation processes do you follow?


10. Do you offer training for our staff on using the features of NetSuite?

11. What post-implementation support options are available to us?


12. How do you plan for accommodating the scalability of our NetSuite implementation as our business expands?

Change Management:

13. What strategies do you employ to manage change during the implementation process?

Timeline and Milestones:

14. Can we get a timeline for the implementation project, including milestones?

15.Cost and Budget 

a. I would like to know more about your pricing and what services are included.

b. Also how do you manage changes or scope creep that may arise during the project?

c. In terms of user experience and interface design how do you ensure that the NetSuite user interface is easy for our employees to use?

d. When it comes to data security and compliance how do you address these requirements when implementing NetSuite?

e. Lastly can you assist us in setting up custom reports and dashboards to fulfill our reporting needs?

These questions should help you gauge the consultant's expertise, approach, and alignment with your business goals before moving forward with a NetSuite implementation project.

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