What is IndustryActivation?

Introducing Industry Activation by OpenTeQ – a game-changer in accelerating your business success. Our cutting-edge NetSuite Offering comes packed with pre-built modules designed to launch you swiftly into the market with unparalleled ease. Say goodbye to extensive customization hassles and hello to rapid market entry.

With Industry Activation, we pave the way for your business to thrive, delivering ready-to-use NetSuite modules tailored specifically for your industry. Experience the power of streamlined processes, swift implementation, and a competitive edge right from the start.

Why wait? Propel your business ahead of the curve with Industry Activation. Get market-ready faster, seize opportunities sooner, and witness seamless integration like never before. Join the league of innovators and achievers leveraging the agility and efficiency of Industry Activation by OpenTeQ.

OpenTeQ’s IndustryActivations by design are meant to get NetSuite clients to live quickly who can complex customization needs with the verticals of Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, MRO, Hospitality, Petro-Chemical, Bio Tech, Nursing Homes, Construction, Life Sciences, Franchises, Private Equity Firms

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OpenTeQ Low code and no code integrations revolutionize the software development landscape by enabling users with varying technical expertise to build and deploy applications without extensive coding knowledge. In a low code environment, developers use a visual interface with pre-built components, significantly reducing the amount of traditional hand-coding required. No code takes this concept further, allowing individuals with little to no programming experience to create functional applications using intuitive drag-and-drop tools. These platforms accelerate the development process, fostering collaboration between business and IT teams, as both can actively participate in application creation. Low code/no code integrations empower organizations to swiftly adapt to changing business needs, streamline development cycles, and reduce dependence on skilled developers, ultimately democratizing the software development process.

Payment / Payout Orchestration

Payment/Payout Orchestration is a systematic and efficient process that involves coordinating and managing mass payments or payouts within a financial system. This functionality, often referred to as MassPay, streamlines the complex task of handling numerous financial transactions simultaneously. It encompasses the orchestration of payments, ensuring a smooth and organized flow of funds from a payer to multiple recipients. Whether it's payroll, vendor payments, or any bulk financial transactions, MassPay orchestrates the entire process, managing the distribution of funds seamlessly. This approach is particularly valuable for businesses dealing with large-scale transactions, providing a centralized and automated solution for handling diverse payment needs efficiently. Overall, Payment/Payout Orchestration simplifies and optimizes the management of mass payments, contributing to enhanced financial control and operational efficiency.

Payout Orchestration
B2B Digital Portal
B2B Digital Portals

NetSuite is the single source of record to streamline customer data, inventory levels, order statuses and helps their users deliver on new channels and service experiences. Buying a Customer, Vendor portal technology separate from NetSuite reduces the benefits of a company using NetSuite’s software. It cuts off their real time visibility, reduces service experience and keeps them from having faster issue resolution.

Your Industry. Our NetSuite Expertise.

What is the advantage of working with a NetSuite
Solution Provider like OpenTeQ?

  • Focus on getting clients live quickly with pre-built customized modules that deliver value
  • Combined experience of over 500+ NetSuite deployments over a 10+ years
  • NetSuite Solution Provider
  • On-Shore and Off-Shore development and support
  • Support and Rescue project experts
  • Core focus on training, operations and best practice for our clients
Why OpenTeQ?
  • Global Delivery Model
  • Local engagement Model
  • NetSuite Solution Provider
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Nearshore Development
  • Offshore Development
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Certified Development Teams
  • Mobile App Development

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