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Imagine a global firm of experts seamlessly deploying NetSuite worldwide for unparalleled efficiency. OpenTeQ is a leading NetSuite Solution provider, operating across continents, offering tailored, cutting-edge “IndustryActivations” solutions to streamline operations, optimize processes, and elevate businesses to new heights.

Our Customer Experience centric approach to NetSuite enables our clients to maximize their investment in NetSuite and get to market quickly through our “IndustryActivation” products. By leveraging pre-built modules that are industry specific along with no-code / low-code integrations we can NetSuite clients to market quickly saving months of customization work.

OpenTeQ gives partners the ability to refer, white label, and re-sell its solutions. OpenTeQ offers three types of revenue streams includes commissions, residuals, and profit margin. Our partners get access to our in-house expertise for support during sales cycle, development, and deployment cycles.

Joint Value Proposal

Solutions that OpenTeQ enables partners ability to offer

NetSuite Licensing

We, as a NetSuite Reseller, possess vital industry experience & offer NetSuite License Types with tailored NetSuite Solutions from purchasing a NetSuite license, and fully customising the platform.


Introducing Industry Activation by OpenTeQ – a game-changer in accelerating your business success. Our cutting-edge NetSuite Offering comes packed with pre-built modules designed to launch you swiftly into the market with unparalleled ease. Say goodbye to extensive customization hassles and hello to rapid market entry.

Payment & Payout
Payment & Payout Orchestration

Our Global Payout Orchestration Platform Partner is a SaaS solution enabling you to facilitate cross border payouts to over 175 countries in 70+ currencies.

NetSuite Professional
NetSuite Professional Services

OpenTeQ offers NetSuite Professional/Staffing services enables companies to access pool of certified NetSuite experts with Global Delivery Model (Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore).

IPaaS, Data Warehouse & Data Lake

Our IPaaS solution seamlessly integrates your systems, applications, and data sources, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

AI based Reconciliation
AI based Reconciliation Tools

Streamline your reconciliation processes with cutting-edge AI-based tools, designed to automate and optimize your financial workflows.

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