Why the NetSuite Health Check is vital for your business?

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Aug 29,2023
Why the NetSuite Health Check is vital for your business?

In this blog we discuss about the significance and process of a NetSuite Health Check for business.    

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To succeed in going forward, an ERP system needs to be managed. A dynamic solution like Oracle NetSuite ERP needs to periodically be optimized in addition to a well-thought-out implementation strategy to maximize results. Despite successful implementations, businesses may still have trouble achieving the desired ROIs. When this happens, the NetSuite environment is not properly managed, optimized, or maintained.

A smart place to start is with a NetSuite health check. Your ideal NetSuite Implementation Partner will help you with thorough audits, determine the extent of enhancements and adjustments, and align your NetSuite environment with your evolving goals.

What does a NetSuite health check consist of?

A system for reviewing and assessing a company's NetSuite environment is known as a "NetSuite Health Check." This includes a thorough analysis of the customer's present NetSuite design and installation, the identification of hurdles preventing full utilization, and recommendations for resolving any immediate problems.

With a NetSuite health check, a NetSuite solution provider assists you in determining your areas of risk or potential benefit, raises your awareness of different NetSuite features that your company hasn't yet taken advantage of, and provides you with a report that can be used to take enhancement and improvement steps.

When would one need to perform a NetSuite health check?

  • When the organization believes that the current NetSuite instance is not completely fulfilling the demands of the business
  • When a company wishes to expand the functionality of NetSuite ERP.
  • When the objectives established during the initial deployment are not met
  • When a company introduces newer product lines, services, and markets.
  • When a company has been using NetSuite ERP for a while and the procedures need to be improved to industry best practices.
  • When a company believes that the compliances, controls, and validations in their NetSuite instance may be improved.
  • When there is a company restructuring, reorganization, or new statutory requirements
  • When a company wants to increase the return on its ERP investment,
  • When a company wishes to assess its ERP system on a regular basis

What is the significance of a NetSuite health check?

Though NetSuite processes are built on industry best practices, it allows for customization to meet the specific needs of the organization. As a result, many NetSuite users customize their settings. There would be custom records, scripts, fields, and stored searches, and it would be difficult to determine which were used or required over time. Unchecked customizations can result in a disorganized environment, slowing down the experience. 

In addition, there may be concerns such as process bottlenecks, lack of visibility, no meaningful productivity improvements, or a lack of significant reductions in administration costs. A NetSuite Health Check can assist you in determining how your ERP system may be organized and cleaned up to boost productivity and efficiency. It focuses on areas where performance can be improved, and enhancements can be made.

Process for the NetSuite Health Check

Pre-Consultation: During this phase, a thorough analysis of the customer's operations and current NetSuite implementation is conducted in order to suggest adjusting NetSuite ERP to meet the more recent requirements.

Documentation: At this step, the operational problems and pain points for the firm are identified. NetSuite configuration for the client is mapped and documented.

Examining: The potential for combining such data silo points into NetSuite is determined by evaluating the current third-party applications. In addition, it entails searching for brand-new native features, built-in reports, KPIs, features, and optimization possibilities. 

To address operational and business demands, it also examines the need for any extra customization, improvements, new reports, automation, controls, segregation of roles, simplifying approvals, validations, and connections.

Reports and Recommendations: Considering the analysis, reports and suggestions are made to enhance the NetSuite instance, enable new features, and suggest ways to improve the system.


NetSuite Health Check Process




Reports & Recommendations

Analysis of Business Process


Identifying pain points


Third-party application access


Improvement areas


NetSuite instance analysis


Identifying operational concerns


Evaluating Optimization Possibilities


Clean ups




Examining Customizations


Configuration and setup changes




Analyzing Integrations


Using best practices




Workflow analysis


Activating new features





Analysis of scalability


What exactly does the NetSuite Health Check cover?

Typically, the problems and difficulties that the customer is facing are used to define the health check's scope. However, often, a NetSuite health check entails looking through the items listed below.

NetSuite Modules Configuration Review:

Master configurations, add-on modules, enabled and disabled features, the success of external integrations with third-party apps, financial and accounting settings, centers, categories, and scorecards.

Review of Dashboards, Lists, and Reports:

Custom financial, sales, and operations reports; role-specific, published dashboards, and custom portlets; lists in the features enabled, relationships, and case management.

Process Evaluation:

Issues in the routine operations, excessive manual intensive data points, errors in SOPs, fitment for additional Suite Apps, and need for additional customizations. 

Fitment Evaluation:

Additional Suite Apps, analytics, and increased features/functionalities are available to assist efficiency and practical utilization goals.

How can OpenTeQ assist you with NetSuite Health Check?

OpenTeQ  provides NetSuite implementation, optimization, customization, enhancement, NetSuite Services, and support services. With over a decade of domain experience, we have served a global clientele across industries.

  • Identifying ERP gaps, problems, and areas for improvement
  • Assisting them in maximizing the value and ROI of their ERP investment
  • Compare their system preferences to industry best practices.
  • Make suggestions for changes to installations and configurations.
  • Custom workflows, scripts, and data recommendations
  • Reports, dashboards, and processes are being improved.
  • Determining the scope for enabling additional features in modules
  • Proposing training pathways and process changes.


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