Nine reasons to Continue Using NetSuite Managed Services After Going Live

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Jun 5,2024
Nine reasons to Continue Using NetSuite Managed Services After Going Live

Running a business requires you to make a lot of difficult decisions. One decision you made was to integrate NetSuite into your workflow. You now need to think about how you'll successfully apply it across your entire company.  
The option to purchase NetSuite managed services is now available, but should you? Or perhaps you ought to depend on your employees?  

These are great questions, and we have the answers you need below. Now let's examine the advantages of utilizing NetSuite managed services for small businesses following the go live. 

1. Deal with IT Issues Proactively 

It gets tougher to identify problems before they become serious ones the bigger your business is. Any department, including sales, IT, finance, and even HR, may experience this. You will always have a committed team of experts with NetSuite managed services who can quickly identify and resolve these problems.

2. Quickly Gain Access to New Technologies 

As you should be, you're too busy running your company. However, this may force you to accept the obsolescence of your technology. You run the risk of slipping behind the opposition when this occurs. Using NetSuite managed services will help you avoid this. They'll make sure your technologies are always current and meet your business's needs. 

3. Reduce Expenses by Eliminating FT Staff Costs 

Initially, you could believe that managing your NetSuite deployment with an internal staff is preferable. But the cost quickly rises when you consider their yearly salary, perks, and paid time off. When you decide to outsource to NetSuite managed services, a large portion of this is removed.  

4. Acquire Comfort So You Can Concentrate On Your Work  

The management of your NetSuite system involves many steps. This may divert your focus from more crucial issues, like developing and growing your business. Alternatively, you may have a group of professionals keeping an eye on everything to make sure it (and all your business operations) keep running well.

5. Utilize Cloud-Based Solutions  

You choose to incorporate NetSuite into your system since hardware upkeep is not necessary. Additionally, you get cloud access to all your important data.  

However, are you using all your cloud computing options? Make sure you're getting the most out of NetSuite. An expert staff will know how to maximize it to fit your company's requirements and objectives.  

6. Boost Your ROI & Cost Savings  

Technology costs a lot of money, and the problems that come with it cost much more. Businesses will continue to suffer financially if they don't take proactive measures to prevent issues before they develop. Hiring a NetSuite managed services team allows you to concentrate more on running your company's operations rather than worrying about expensive failures. In turn, this lowers expenses and increases return on investment.  

7. Obtain a SLA that is Guaranteed.  

Typically, small firms lack the resources to employ an internal IT staff. This puts them at risk for persistent technological issues that could develop into a costly and chaotic scenario. You're forced to search desperately for outside assistance when your ERP software isn't functioning properly. However, when you use NetSuite administrator services, none of this will be a concern for you.  

A guaranteed service level agreement is provided to you, ensuring that you can get the assistance you require whenever you need it. The IT staff is remote, which is the finest part. There isn't any more office space to buy and maintain.  

Your NetSuite administrator will be able to handle issues whenever they arise from any location. 


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8. Professional Advice for Upcoming Road-Mapping  

What will your company do after integrating NetSuite? How would you enhance your business operations with the software? Perhaps you intend to utilize it for CRM, or customer relationship management. Alternatively, it's possible that you wish to utilize every feature in every department. Expert guidance is beneficial when creating a roadmap for the future, regardless of your needs. This is important because it lays the groundwork for both your company's and your ERP implementation to succeed.  

9. Be Granted Proactive Assistance  

It is not advisable to wait for a negative event to seek assistance. However, this is the situation you find yourself in when you lack a proactive support system.  

You receive help to keep things operating smoothly when you receive proactive support. Why is this necessary? Consider it like doing auto maintenance. To ensure that it runs well, you want to give it all the help you can: gas, oil, transmission fluid, etc. This response happens when you add more oil to an automobile after it has run out of gas or a piston pops. 

Additional Considerations for NetSuite for Small Business 

NetSuite Connectors: Expand the functionality of NetSuite by connecting it to other business-critical applications like CRM or marketing automation software. Managed service providers can help you choose and implement the right connectors for your needs. 

NetSuite Advanced Reconciliation: Reconciliation can be a complex task, especially for small businesses with limited resources. NetSuite RECONATOR is a powerful tool that can automate the reconciliation process, saving you time and money. Managed service providers can help you implement and configure NetSuite RECONATOR for optimal results.

Is It Time to Invest in Managed Services for NetSuite?  

The response should be a resounding yes if any of the aforementioned factors apply to your business. There's no need to expose your company to needless technological problems. You shouldn't overpay on hiring an internal IT staff to handle these issues either. Organizations seeking to attain a competitive advantage must implement strategies that maintain seamless operations by optimizing processes and functions. Are you prepared to find out more about the ERP solution's NetSuite administrator services? Next, it's time to get in touch with our specialists.  

If you're a small business using NetSuite, or thinking about making the switch, NetSuite Managed Services can be a valuable investment. By partnering with a qualified managed service provider, you can ensure you're getting the most out of your NetSuite investment and focus on what matters most - growing your business. 

To find out how OpenTeQ can improve your NetSuite deployment, get in touch with us right now.

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