NetSuite CRM : Learn About Industry Trends, Best Practices

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Jul 8,2024
NetSuite CRM : Learn About Industry Trends, Best Practices

One of the most complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions available on the market right now is provided by NetSuite. It offers a single location to handle all communications with partners, clients, suppliers, and other parties. It may be tailored to precisely match the needs of a business and oversee the customer lifecycle from lead to renewal. The main advantage of using CRM, which customers must add to NetSuite's current ERP capabilities, is that data does not need to be stored in several locations. Despite all its features, there are many NetSuite CRM tips that boost user adoption and productivity. Here are a handful of things that our team has chosen to help us with NetSuite CRM.

The "show activity" option lets you quickly catch up on consumer interactions 

It is not the best use of time to go through vast amounts of potentially outdated client data. The "show activity" option on the customer record is a useful tool for sales, customer success, or marketing staff who wish to quickly review recent activity before contacting a customer. This feature displays the 100 most recent activities of almost any kind in chronological order.  

Simply navigate to lists, relationships, and customers first, then select "view" next to any customer who has recent activity that you would like to see. Use the "Show activity" option from the actions menu.  

Using the Dashboard View and including a Timeline on the dashboard is an additional technique to obtain a comprehensive view of all actions and emails at the Customer, lead, or prospect level.

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Update your customer records 

If activity and data are not initially uploaded to customer records, the "show activity" option is not particularly helpful. Since email addresses and other contact details are necessary for communication, customer records are the most important component of a CRM system. Making these fields mandatory is one best practice to guarantee that this data enters the CRM. A contact record should not have to include every field, but it is a good idea to start with the email, address, and/or phone number.  

Reminders concerning incomplete records can be sent via a saved search, which is another option to assist keep records current. An administrator can receive the reminder to alert them of the number of records lacking complete information, or it can be delivered to a sales representative to update the data.

Use automatic lead assignments 

The process of assigning leads to the right sales representative is known as lead routing. Depending on the business, this can be done in many ways, including by territory, company size, and more. Rules are established during CRM deployment to specify the management of assignments.  

Automatic lead assignments can be used by a firm to ensure leads are assigned as soon as possible. This implies that leads are immediately distributed to the right sales representative based on area or another rule the company established as soon as they become accessible. The advantages of automatic lead routing include faster lead action times compared to manual lead routing.  

According to NetSuite, do the following actions to use NetSuite to manage your sales force:  

  • Customize your sales force automation settings.  

  • Establish Customer Statuses.  

  • Decide which staff members oversee sales.  

  • Go to Marking an Employee as a Sales Representative for additional details.  

  • Configure the functionality for team selling.  

  • Establish sales territories and rules. 

By following these guidelines, automatic lead assignments will function as intended.  

Use NetSuite to its full potential with these helpful advice. NetSuite is a robust CRM solution. 

NetSuite CRM at Zero Cost: Myth or Reality? 

While NetSuite CRM itself requires an investment, partnering with NetSuite Professional Services provider can optimize costs through efficient implementation an the right d customization. This strategic approach ensures you get the most out of your CRM investment without unnecessary expenses. 


NetSuite CRM continues to be a leading choice for businesses seeking to enhance customer relationships and streamline operations. By staying informed about industry trends, adopting best practices, and partnering with a reliable NetSuite Partner, businesses can leverage NetSuite CRM effectively to drive growth and achieve their business objectives. 

Whether you're exploring NetSuite CRM for the first time or looking to optimize your existing system, understanding these trends and best practices will empower you to make informed decisions and propel your business forward in today's competitive marketplace. 

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