What makes a Good NetSuite Implementation Consultant?

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Nov 22,2023
What makes a Good NetSuite Implementation Consultant?

What Qualifies a Good NetSuite Implementation Consultant? 

Many firms approach NetSuite Implementations in the same way they would any other piece of software. However, using this method, businesses never realize the full range of benefits that this leading ERP solution can offer. 

Adopting NetSuite as if it were a plug-and-play solution can lead to dissatisfaction as users strive to overcome the learning curve without seeing concrete benefits. If you want a smooth NetSuite deployment, you'll need the help of a NetSuite consultant. 

The problem, of course, is to choose a consultant you can rely on to understand your specific challenges, assist you in improving your operations, and do it at a lesser cost. 

In essence, a NetSuite Consultant should assist you in saving money, increasing productivity, and avoiding any potential NetSuite Implementation difficulties. While no two implementation strategies are alike, we feel the finest NetSuite Implementation Consultants match the six criteria outlined below. 

What makes a competent NetSuite Implementation Consultant?  

1. NetSuite Certification 

2. An emphasis on processes as much as technology  

3. A guide through change management 

4. Is dedicated to assisting you in saving money 

5. Provides continuing support 

6. Extensive NetSuite experience 

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What are NetSuite consultants responsible for?

A NetSuite consultant is a technical specialist or team of professionals who can help your company deploy and manage the cloud-based NetSuite ERP application. This encompasses everything from designing a solution to your specific needs to staff training, implementation, and post-implementation support. 

These specialists should understand the specific needs of your sector and be able to discover NetSuite capabilities that can bridge your business process and workflow gaps. Their thorough knowledge of NetSuite functionality and analytical approach should generate solutions that assist your firm in realizing all of the potential benefits NetSuite can deliver. 

What characteristics distinguish an excellent NetSuite consultant? 

There are numerous NetSuite Consultants to pick from, but it is critical to select a partner who can best suit your business objectives. The following elements can help firms have trust in their NetSuite Implementation Consultant's ability to meet their business needs. 

1. Certification via NetSuite 

NetSuite certification is divided into various levels, each of which demonstrates proficiency in deployment and administration. According to NetSuite, firms that collaborate with qualified specialists have more effective deployments and a higher return on investment. 

2. A focus on procedures as well as technology 

Technology cannot solve operational problems on its own, and implementing new technology without first addressing process modifications can reveal issues you were unaware of. That is why a skilled NetSuite Consultant will walk you through a business process analysis to identify opportunities to connect improved operations with superior technology. 

3. Assists you with Change Management 

Training is an important aspect of any NetSuite setup, but change management is more than just teaching someone how to use new software. Employee and C-suite leaders must first be educated on frequent challenges to change. A consultant should assist with the transition to cloud-based procedures and make more efficient workflows feel seamless rather than burdensome. 

4. Is dedicated to assisting you in saving money. 

Making the switch to NetSuite ERP should result in cost savings by increasing your company's efficiency and productivity. Your ERP expert should be as enthusiastic about developing a framework that ultimately saves you money by ensuring you only pay for the solutions you require, allowing you to scale cost-effectively.

5. Offers continued assistance  

Support means different things to different businesses. For some, it may imply having rapid access to a technical specialist who can fix a problem. For others, it could mean adding project-specific assistance or continuing system monitoring to your team. An excellent NetSuite Consultant should be versatile enough to suit your future needs. 

6. Has extensive NetSuite experience 

NetSuite has been around since 1998 and has evolved significantly since then. Consultants that have evolved with this premier ERP solution are uncommon. Nonetheless, long-term use can provide useful information into assisting firms in obtaining the most successful ERP setup for their needs. 

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