What are NetSuite Applications, and is it necessary to use them?

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Jun 7,2024
What are NetSuite Applications, and is it necessary to use them?

Clearly, whoever stated that you couldn't have it all has never used NetSuite. NetSuite has a strong base as an ERP that serves users worldwide, but its connected apps are a differentiator that merits consideration. OpenTeQ, a NetSuite Solution Provider, offers NetSuite Mobile App Services to help businesses develop custom mobile applications that seamlessly connect to their NetSuite data. 

Are NetSuite Applications Necessary? 

The necessity of NetSuite applications depends on your specific business needs and the functionalities offered by the core platform. Here's a breakdown to help you decide: 

Consider using pre-built SuiteApps if: You have specific needs that can be addressed by existing applications, and you don't require extensive customization. 

Explore custom NetSuite Application Development: If your business processes are unique and require functionalities beyond what pre-built SuiteApps offer. 

NetSuite Mobile Apps: Power on the Go 

NetSuite understands the importance of staying connected and managing tasks remotely. That's where NetSuite Mobile Apps come in. These apps provide a mobile-friendly version of the NetSuite platform, allowing users to access key features and data from their smartphones or tablets. Some functionalities you might find in NetSuite Mobile Apps include: 

  • Expense reporting 

  • Time tracking 

  • Sales order management 

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools 

  • Real-time dashboards and reports

Reference to NetSuite Add-Ons, Modules & SuiteApps 

Applications created by third-party vendors to improve your NetSuite experience are known as NetSuite Apps. The NetSuite mobile app and the Data Exporter, the internal reporting tool from OpenTeQ, are just two of the many apps that are available for your NetSuite platform.  

A wide range of bundles—the technical word for apps created within NetSuite—can be found in the vibrant NetSuite App store. These apps were made by outside software suppliers and are native to NetSuite, having been developed with NetSuite's SuiteFlex tools. A portion of these applications are web services with system integrations. The vendor will be able to help you with implementation regardless of the situation. 

The NetSuite partner who created your SuiteApp bundle will integrate it into your account. The SuiteApp bundle is hosted by NetSuite and may be found in your Bundle Repository directly within NetSuite. It's a dream come true—all the content from your purchased bundle is instantly added to your account, and installation is as simple as hopping, skipping, and clicking.  

The concept is similar in NetSuite, as we are all familiar with mobile apps. When NetSuite is upgraded, all customizations and bundle-based solutions are upgraded automatically. Additionally, you can simply uninstall using the link if you ever want to switch to a different bundle.

Innovative ERP Solutions Unveiled as OpenTeQ Becomes a NetSuite Partner

Working with a SuiteApp 

It is the responsibility of the vendor to offer services for establishing system integration while working with a SuiteApp, which is a Web Service integration between NetSuite and another SaaS solution. However, there's no need to worry—NetSuite partners have decades of experience with system integration.  

NetSuite offers robust tools and resources for developers to create custom NetSuite applications. This empowers businesses to address specific pain points and workflows that pre-built SuiteApps might not cover. NetSuite Mobile App Development can encompass various aspects, including: 

  • Data customization: Tailoring data fields and reports to match your specific business needs.

  • Workflow automation: Streamlining manual processes and improving efficiency. 

  • Integration with external systems: Connecting NetSuite with other business-critical applications. 

To learn more about the ideal app to improve your business processes, check out the NetSuite App Marketplace. At OpenTeQ, we collaborate with a wide range of partners to offer businesses the best possible solutions for their particular problems. We have extensive knowledge of the NetSuite-specific apps, ranging from month-end reporting to field administration. By working with our leading global service and product partners, we can point you in the proper route.

The NetSuite Mobile Application 

Finding a company, product, or service without an app is difficult—I mean extremely difficult. Having no apps on our phones is practically harmful in a world when they are practically becoming an organ.  

In the instance of NetSuite, they are familiar with operating a mobile business. Given that working requires frequent business travel, it's critical to have easy access—in the twenty-first century, this means accessing your phone. Both the NetSuite Android app and the NetSuite iPhone app are mobile apps that allow users to manage time, log calls, and report expenses. They also have comparable dashboard portlets and KPIs.  

Its mobile-friendly user interface (UI) integrates critical workflows, sends push alerts for urgent tasks, and simplifies all essential work procedures. Users can also edit reports, approve transactions, and initiate business actions while on the road. Utilize the mobile tasks and support that are geared to quickly access recent records and saved searches. You may manage your business operations from anywhere at any time, without having to waste time searching for WiFi on your laptop.

NetSuite & Google  

There are roughly 4 billion Google users worldwide, give or take a few billion. It follows that most individuals are familiar with Google accounts and documents. Businesses frequently utilize the NetSuite connection for Google apps because of its user-friendly interface and practical features.  

With capabilities like NetSuite Gmail, which allows users to view and create contacts, organizations, and opportunities as well as tasks rapidly from within the Google Apps Email, NetSuite ERP instantly adapts to Google. When an email loads, users may read contact and company information right away using this NetSuite Google App. In an era where email is the primary means of communication, it is imperative that it be easily obtainable. 

But that's not all. While Gmail plays a crucial role in communication, Google Drive possesses unique capabilities. When working in the cloud, NetSuite users can upload and share files over the internet, providing a safe refuge. It's far simpler to share files over the same platform than importing and exporting data reports from NetSuite, since most organizations have access to or use Google. The process of integrating NetSuite with Google Drive is made simpler and more cost-effective by minimizing the unnecessary space that data generally takes up.

NetSuite Applications: A Final Note 

NetSuite applications offer a powerful way to extend the capabilities of the core platform and empower your business. By leveraging pre-built SuiteApps or exploring custom development, you can streamline operations, improve data visibility, and gain a competitive edge. 

NetSuite Mobile Apps can help you if you're considering NetSuite as your ERP of choice or if you already have NetSuite and need more features for your operations. To learn more, get in touch with our team of experts. We can offer you the best answer for your complicated tasks because of our decades of experience, which has allowed us to network with the greatest of the best.

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