IndustryActivations : Why Pre-built modules vs Customizations?

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Apr 18,2024
IndustryActivations : Why Pre-built modules vs Customizations?

Since ERP Systems like NetSuite have become critical path to day-to-day business operations.  The "why" of using an ERP has become very clear but the "how" of deploying an ERP like NetSuite has become a bit of a gray area filled with many questions.  The questions that typically come up are related to data migration, customizations, module selection, partners, meeting cadence etc.

There are a few factors to consider:

  • Time to market for activating the license
  • Training time (how quickly can your team get settled in)
  • A phased approach the manages exposure to potentially large customizations that could delay activating a license
  • Post-live support
  • Future development phases

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How do we at OpenTeQ Technologies deal with the aforementioned factors?


IndustryActivations are verticals and micro-vertical focused deployment products that:

  • Reduce time to market through pre-built customizations and modules
  • Enable training to happen early on in the project build insuring that internal teams are aligned
  • Our module based MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach enables our clients to get their licenses activated quickly since the majority of the deployment is configurations and data migration
  • Once the client starts using NetSuite with the OpenTeQ IndustryActivations we then plot out the next phase of their NetSuite journey along with whatever product backlog was generated during deployment phase
  • We collaborate with our clients to define their roadmap going forward.

IndustryActivations were designed with the end goal in mind of being able to provide our clients with a rapid deployment product to realize the value of their NetSuite investment quickly.  We leveraged our years of experience of success and some failures to compose these IndustryActivations so that our clients can get the most out of their NetSuite as well as OpenTeQ.

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