9 Compelling Reasons to Switch to NetSuite Financial Software!

OpenTeQ Admin | Updated: Apr 29,2024
9 Compelling Reasons to Switch to NetSuite Financial Software!

There comes a point when entrepreneurs realize their company has outgrown even reasonably advanced accounting programs due to shifting times and growing business needs. So, what should we do right now? The deployment of NetSuite ERP is the answer to this problem. These EPRs are fantastic since they can be tailored to each business's specific requirements. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the ERP environment and think their company may be too big to need ERP implementation, this could seem extremely confusing. The good news is that most producers of ERP software are aware of how important ERP software is becoming for small and medium-sized enterprises. To address the demands of SME enterprises, they have created specialized solutions, or they have even offered modules that assist with key company operations. One example of an ERP program is NetSuite.  

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Advantages of Switching from Your Conventional Accounting Software to NetSuite 

Adaptability to Business Requirements  
The ability to tailor NetSuite to your company's specific requirements sets it apart from standard accounting software. It is highly advantageous because you can obtain every feature specific to your company or sector. It is not necessary for you to integrate with third-party software, which is typically a bother. With its customizable capabilities, NetSuite's UI is easy to use and helps you to handle any part of your business. You can get used to it quickly. 

NetSuite meets the changing needs of companies.

To handle each aspect of your company, you must update your accounting software as your company grows and you add new goods and services. You'll quickly discover that your accounting software—if you use it or have a small business—is unable to handle the growing complexity of your enterprise. On the other hand, you can effortlessly handle your company's increasing complexity if you use NetSuite. 

Using NetSuite to Manage Every Aspect of Your Business  

You must handle more business-related responsibilities as your company expands. A complete accounting solution, encompassing the entire range of accounting procedures, is provided by accounting software. On the other hand, NetSuite provides you with capabilities like CRM, inventory control, order management, and even eCommerce services. With the assistance of third-party software, you can combine a few additional business function programs with accounting software, but it won't be as easy as NetSuite. 

360-degree perspective of your company with its rich analytics and real-time visibility.  

Conventional accounting software cannot provide you a 360-degree perspective of your company because it is built to handle particular areas of your organization. For instance, you can track inventory and sales using a sales management platform if you sell a variety of products. Nevertheless, this sales management solution and your accounting program are not compatible. With NetSuite, you can see your company's activities in real time and get comprehensive analytics that provide you with a complete picture of your enterprise. 

NetSuite Enables Easy and Global Adoption of New Technologies  

You'll need new technology as your company grows to handle the demands of an expanding enterprise. For instance, your company might grow internationally. You will need to implement a worldwide accounting system that is applicable across borders. A single platform needs to be used to handle each element of your company's operations. You can easily accomplish this with NetSuite. Adopting a global solution is traditionally a laborious procedure. Data entry manually is required in the accounting software. But with just one click, you can use NetSuite to implement a worldwide accounting solution. 

More Robust Security Measures  

Accounting information is managed by traditional accounting software. They are incomparable to NetSuite, despite having strong security measures that can protect sensitive data. Role-based access control (RBAC), idle disconnect, IP address limitations, 256-bit encryption, and best practices for password security are just a few of the features that NetSuite offers. 

Clear Audit Trail  

You must offer an auditable trial if you are asked to submit your accounting information for an audit. This kind of trial includes more details about every financial transaction within your company. With NetSuite, you can keep track of payments made with cash, checks, or banks, ensuring that the appropriate audit trail is kept. 

NetSuite assists you in adhering to constantly evolving regulations.  

Adhering to regulatory regulations is one of the major obstacles that organizations encounter. Businesses must adapt their procedures to comply with new legal requirements. For instance, you might need to keep the accounting data in a specific manner. Businesses that use independent accounting software face significant challenges from these changes in the way accounting data is maintained. Nonetheless, companies using NetSuite may quickly make these changes. You can update the software to remain compliant in the event of a change in regulations. 

The expense of NetSuite is lower than that of traditional accounting software.  

Many individuals may be confused by this since they think ERP software is expensive. Of course, the initial cost of putting ERP software into practice may appear astronomically costly. A common misconception is that NetSuite only offers alternatives for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as NetSuite Success Starter Edition. Alternatively, business owners can select certain NetSuite functionalities, such as NetSuite Accounting, NetSuite CRM, and more. Furthermore, NetSuite is a more affordable option because it spares you from losing out on all the advantages it has over conventional accounting software. 

In summary  

The corporate environment is evolving quickly. For you to be successful in this new business environment, you must adopt new technologies. Additionally, you need to swap your outdated accounting software for a reliable and expandable one. It will be difficult for you to stay up to date with the evolving business climate if you continue to use your old accounting software. The performance of your company will suffer as a result. You must convert to NetSuite if you want to prosper in a constantly shifting business environment.  

Making the move to NetSuite will not break the bank, but it will enable your firm to expand more quickly and provide you with greater financial health information.  

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